About Us

 Welcome to the Austin 7 Register of Queensland – a club that’s been active since its inception in 1967. Today, the club remains true to its original objective to bring together and help anyone who owns an Austin 7 or parts thereof, and to overcome their problems, however small they may be. 

However, the club does much more than this. We organise runs, keep members abreast of what other clubs are doing, maintain an extensive library, and provide access to parts. Maybe our most important task is connecting like-minded people and cultivating friendships.

Our members range from teenagers to sprightly octogenarians, and everyone in between. We are spread far and wide across Queensland, and even around the world. Most own an Austin, some own several, others are looking to buy in the future and the rest are simply fans of these iconic cars. As a club, we are welcoming to all…and with more than 100 members, it’s a safe bet that new members will fit in just fine.

A common misconception is that everyone in a car club has some sort of encyclopaedic knowledge of their car, but nothing could be further from the truth. For sure, we have members who know every nut, bolt and variant of Lord Austin’s invention, but there are others who just love the idea of a simple drive on a Sunday morning. It doesn’t matter if you love discussing the jet setting in a zenith carburettor, or jet setting off on holidays. You’ll find someone on the register that shares your passion.

If you own an Austin and live in Queensland, it would be difficult to keep your car running without being a member. Our club has a wide-ranging selection of new and second-hand spare parts. Don’t worry if you don’t know what the part is called, or even what it does. Our spare parts team is generous with their knowledge. It’s actually doubtful there’s any problem they’ve not encountered before.

The register caters for Austin 7s manufactured between 1922 and 1938, and other Austin vehicles up to 1940 models. Maybe you’ve recently become a custodian of an Austin 7 and want to know exactly what’s sitting in your garage? Our dating officers can help you out with identification and may well know something of its history.

The club is very active. We host meetings on the second Friday of each month, starting a 7.45pm at the Veteran Car Club of Queensland, at 1376 Old Cleveland Road Carindale. Visitors are always welcome to attend as they are as much about chatting over a light supper as they are about club business. 

Club runs are held on the Sunday after the monthly meeting, in various locations in and around Brisbane.

You can find more information about these in the ‘Events’ section of this website. Throughout the year, a series of multi-day events are also held outside of Brisbane for those members looking to combine a few days away from home with the joy of driving along quiet country roads.

If you own an Austin, or just like the idea of doing so, please feel free to contact us.

Happy Austineering

Steve Davidson

Austin Register of Queensland President