Second Hand A7 Spare Parts


All members,

As you’ll no doubt appreciate the Covid19 virus is impacting all aspects of our daily life and club operations are no exception.  In order to minimise risks to our members and the wider community the committee has decided that for the foreseeable future all spare parts will be available by post only.  Members are welcome to order parts, however dispatch will be managed at the prerogative of the Spare Parts Officers, and they will drop off parts to the post office if and when safe to do so. 

Keeping our cars on the road is good, but keeping our members safe and healthy is critical.

Steve Davidson    President  A7 Reg. Qld Inc.          18 March 2020

Trevor & Doug do get additional Austin 7 Second Hand Spare Parts Stock from time to time so please phone them for help with parts.  The two lists below are of Second Hand Parts held by Doug Clark and Trevor Moore as at 3 January 2018.  Parts are for A7 Reg. QLD Members only.


AT DOUG CLARK’S    Ph 3800 1965         

cylinder blocks

cylinder heads

2 x diff centres.

Assortment of conrods.

1 x Ruby offside differential tube.

2 x Ruby Radiator support brackets.

2 x Ruby front guards

1 x Ruby front cross member.

1x Ruby cow horn.

1 x Ruby saloon windscreen frame

1 x early windscreen frame

1 x Ruby L/H front guard support bracket.

1 x Ruby dipping switch

1 x Ruby crank case front cover and crank handle shaft.

4 x 3 speed gear boxes complete

1 x 3 speed gear box casings.

Assortment of 3 speed gear box gears and shafts.

3 x Bacon slicer starters & housing.

1 x Bacon slicer starter housing.

2 x Exhaust manifolds, 1 early , 1 late.

1 x 1929 engine ceased has crank & flywheel.

3 x Front springs

1 x Pair lowered rear springs.

4 x Wheel centres

7 x Brake drums

4 x Torque tubes.

1 x Steering box column.

 Assortment of diff centres and planetary gears.

4 x Camshafts, one is for 3 bearing engine.

1 x Updraught aluminium inlet manifold.

1 x Crank dog.

4 x sets of Timing gears not matched.

3 x generator mounting housing.

2 x Aluminium steering box housing.

3 x Early backing plates.

Assortment of rear main bearing retainers.,

1 x Cut-out.

1 x Fuel pump.

2 x Early fly-wheels.

1 x Late fly-wheel.

Clutch pressure plate parts.

3 x 3 Speed clutch throw out bearing housings.

4 x Front crank shaft bearing retaining plates.

2 x Ruby 16inch wheels & tyres.

2 x 19inch wheels one needs some spokes.

2 x 18 inch wheels appear to be OK.

6 x ruby wheels condition ?


AT TREVOR MOORE’S     Ph  3848 5575

Late manifolds

Early aluminium carby intake

Mixture of front and rear shock absorber arms

2 x Shock absorber bolts

3 x Second hand short axles

1 x 3 Piece sports windscreen posts

1 x Pair repaired front spring shackles.

1 x Front axle needs repair, one king pin eye cracked.

4 x radius rod arms (need some repair).

Assorted engine valves.

1 x Late crank dog.

1 x Early crank dog.

2 x Girling backing plates, brake shoes1 generator gear

1 x Oil pump gear.

7 x Starter generator bolts.

2 x Generator / starter covers.

1 x Bottom half centre main bearing for 3 bearing crank.

2 x Top half section of A7 fuel pump.

1 x 2 Blade fan

1 x Oil pump.

1 x Big 7,  6 volt starter motor.

2 x 26va Carburettor float bowls.

3 Generator slinger washers.

1 x Torque tube socket and nut.

1 x BTH magneto for parts only, had covers, no points.

1 x Lucas C35M, 6 volt generator housing.

1 x 1931 Starter motor case one end missing, could be repaired

1 x Set oil baffles good condition.

3 x Brake/Clutch pedal discs.

2 x 3 Speed gear box input shaft outer ring bearing with rollers good condition.

1 x 6½ headlight glass + 1 rim.

1 x Starter motor bendix gear for bacon slicer starter.

1 x Bacon slicer starter motor locating pin.

2 x Ruby rear brake cable pulley and brackets.

2 x Front brake shoe pivot

4 x Sump plugs.

3 x Crank case oil gauge fittings.

3 x Hub felt seal retainer washers

1 x Ignition control rod.

1 x Throttle control lever connecting rod.

Assorted valve collets and valve spring cups.

Brake cross shafts  bits & pieces

S/H crown wheels fair condition