Car Service and Repair Providers

While the Austin Register has plenty of members with experience, know how and a passion to help, there are times when we all need to call in a professional.  Below are the contact details for car service and repair providers that our A7 club members have used and recommend for use by other members.  While the Register can take no responsibility for their workmanship what we can say is that contacting these firms is good place to start if you need that expert touch. This list, which will be updated from time to time, is for the information of all A7 members throughout the state, so if you know of a car service and repair provider anywhere in Queensland or Northern NSW worthy to be on the list, please forward to me their details and your experience with them.                  Steve, President, A7 Reg. Qld.

BUSINESS:            Queensland Paint Supplies Pty Ltd

CONTACT:             ~~

ADDRESS:             44 Dollis Street, Salisbury Qld 4107

PHONE:                 07 3875 1266


WEBSITE:            ~~

SERVICES:           Fuel Tank Sealer Supplier.  Product: “Gold Standard Fuel Tank Sealer”.

BUSINESS:             Express Engineering

CONTACT:             Jim Graham

ADDRESS:             46 Reis Road, Highfields, 4352

PHONE:                 07 4632 8966



SERVICES:           Engine Rebuilding, Crankshaft Grinding, Cylinder Head Reconditioning,                                                                  Reboring, Sleeving for Pistons, White Metal Bearings.

BUSINESS:          Enoggera Cylinder Heads

CONTACT:          Garth

ADDRESS:           20/51 Prospect Road, Gaythorne, 4051

PHONE:               07 3855 8836

EMAIL:                ~~

WEBSITE:            ~~

SERVICES:           Engine Rebuilding, Crankshaft Grinding, Cylinder Head Reconditioning,

                          Reboring, Sleeving for Pistons, White Metal Bearings.

BUSINESS:          Mendham Engineering

CONTACT:          ~~

ADDRESS:          1800 Ipswich Road, Rocklea, 4106

PHONE:              07 3275 3311              



SERVICES:          Engine Rebuilding, Crankshaft Grinding, Cylinder Head Reconditioning,

                         Reboring, Sleeving for Pistons.

BUSINESS:            Truck Clutch & Brake Repairs

CONTACT:            ~~

ADDRESS:             492 Boundary Road, Archerfield, 4108

PHONE:                07 3276 7633



SERVICES:            Brake Linings

BUSINESS           Engine Engineering

CONTACT:            Mick & Rick

ADDRESS:             45 Dunn Road, Rocklea, 4106

PHONE:                 07 3277 8944

EMAIL:                   ~~

WEBSITE:               ~~

SERVICES:              Engine Rebuilding, Crankshaft Grinding, Cylinder Head Reconditioning,

                             Reboring, Sleeving for Pistons.

BUSINESS:             Auto-Carbs Automotive

CONTACT:             Rudi & Josh

ADDRESS:              103 Norman Street, East Brisbane, 4169

PHONE:                 07 3391 2433



SERVICES:             Supply & repair of carburettors for Vintage & Classic Cars

BUSINESS:           Extreme Custom Engineering

CONTACT:           Craig

ADDRESS:            2/142 Beatty Road, Archerfield, 4108

PHONE:               07 3274 3700

EMAIL:                ~~                

WEBSITE:            ~~

SERVICES:           Welding including alloys, General Fabrication.

BUSINESS:            Dynamo Rewiring         

CONTACT:             Alan

ADDRESS:              Unit 2/5 Boyland Avenue, Archerfield, 4108

PHONE:                  07 3277 9377

EMAIL:                   ~~

WEBSITE:               ~~

SERVICES:             Dynamos

BUSINESS:             Magneto Repair

CONTACT:             Davin March

ADDRESS:              196 Marsden Road, Kallangur, 4503

PHONE:                 07 3385 0299      Mobile: 0424 706 359


WEBSITE:              ~~

SERVICES:              Magneto Repairs

BUSINESS:             Fuel Tank & Radiator Service

CONTACT:             Greg

ADDRESS:            10 Holland Street, Northgate, 4013

PHONE:                07 3260 6197      Mobile: 0418 873 233



SERVICES:            Vintage & Veteran radiators, Fuel tanks.

BUSINESS:            Rapid Rewinding

CONTACT:            ~~

ADDRESS:             50 Dollis Street, Rocklea, 4106

PHONE:                 07 3875 2498

EMAIL:                  ~~

WEBSITE:              ~~

SERVICES:             Generator, Alternator & Starters

BUSINESS:             Gears & Winches

CONTACT:             Paul Grace

ADDRESS:              2 Coin Street, Moorooka, 4105

PHONE:                  07 3875 1568



SERVICES:             General Machining

BUSINESS:            A.C.E.S. 

CONTACT:             Ian Fordyce

ADDRESS:              117 Dyson Avenue, Sunnybank (off Beenleigh Road), 4109

PHONE:                  07 3345 1386

EMAIL:                   ~~

WEBSITE:               ~~

SERVICES:             Automotive Electrics – Old car & truck specialty.

BUSINESS:            Rob Bliss Exhaust  –  RBE

CONTACT:             Rob Bliss or Aaron Bliss (Director)

ADDRESS:              264 Robinson Road, Geebung.

PHONE:                  07 3265 2044



SERVICES:             Exhaust systems